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    Torque Tools
    Kraftform Kompakt VDE Torque 1.2 - 3.0 Nm
    1 Series 7400 VDE Kraftform adjustable torque handle (1.2 - 3.0 Nm) for Wera VDE interchangeable blades only
    VDE interchangeable blades (each 154 mm long) with reduced blade diameter (articles KK 60 i 0,4x2,5 and KK 67 i TX 10 conventional diameter) with integrated protective insulation, allows sunken screws and spring elements to be accessed and actuated
    15-piece set
    Series 7400 VDE Kraftform adjustable torque handle (0.3-3.5 Nm)
    Application: For Wera interchangeable Kraftform Kompakt VDE blades only
    Accuracy: ±6 % (DIN EN ISO 6789). Numerical torque value scale, audible excess-load signal
    Handle: Kraftform with non-roll feature, multi-component