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Series 7000
Adjustable torque wrenches.
Series 7000
Torque wrenches
Wera Series 7000 – the classic torque wrench. A successful combination out of robust design, simple adjustment of the desired release value and a quickly reversible ratchet head.
Very robust design with great accuracy as per ISO 6789/EN 26789.
Simple adjustment and locking of the pre-set value on an easy-to-read scale.
Release signal when the value is reached.
Suitable for right and left-hand direction.
Reversible ratchet, push through ratchet or fitting for interchangeable insert tools.
Range up to 1500 Nm.
7000 Series torque wrenches with reversible ratchet
Design: Reversible ratchet, reading accuracy of ±4 % of set value
Application: Can be used in right-hand direction