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    ESD Series
    ESD-safe tools

    Kraftform Kompakt Micro-Set ESD/11 SB

    Kraftform Kompakt Micro-Set ESD/11 SB

    Pouch with 44 mm bits
    11-piece set
    1 Kraftform Micro ESD bitholding screwdriver
    Wera Star   verpackung.jpg Buy here
    Icon 1013 Kraftform Micro ESD 1 x 97
    Icon 851/9 C 1 x PH 00x44; 1 x PH 0x44; 1 x PH 1x44
    Icon 867/9 C TORX® 1 x TX 5x44; 1 x TX 6x44
    Icon 800/9 C 1 x 0.23x1.5x44; 1 x 0.40x2.0x44; 1 x 0.50x3.0x44
    Icon 840/9 C 1 x 1.5x44; 1 x 2.0x44

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