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    Press release no. 6/2012 from 03/04/2012

    The new combination ratchet wrench “Joker” by Wera is in many ways superior to conventional wrenches with its holding function, ratchet mechanism at the ring end and small return angle of 30°.

    Seriously Clever: Wera reinvents the wrench with the “Joker”


    JOKER Advantage 1
    Holding function: application of the nut without any additional tools
    JOKER Advantage 2
    Limit stop: avoidance of the risk of slip, thereby enabling rapid screwdriving
    JOKER Advantage 3
    Double-hex geometry and extremely hard teeth reduce the risk of slipping
    JOKER Advantage 4
    Small return angle of only 30°: screwdriving enabled when other wrenches fail

    Innovation at the International Hardware Fair 2012
    Seriously Clever: Wera reinvents the wrench with the “Joker”

    Combination ratchet wrench with innovative properties / Holding function for bolts and nuts / Limit stop prevents slipping of the wrench from the bolt head / Hardened metal plate with extremely hard tips that “bite” themselves into the bolt / Small return angle of 30° / Ratchet mechanism with fine toothing at the ring end / Available in the wrench dimensions 10, 13, 17 and 19 mm / Pouch set available

    Cologne / Wuppertal. With the multi-function “Zyklop”, Wera Tools transformed the ratchet. With the outstanding “Impaktor” bit system, they revolutionised impact driver screwdriving. The list goes on… Continuing this trend of dynamic, industry-changing innovation, Wera have now completely reinvented the humble wrench, that hitherto basic yet indispensable tool – the Joker has landed!

    The German screwdriving specialist presented this latest innovation for the first time at the International Hardware Fair 2012. “All professional card players are happy to have a joker in their hands, as this increases their chances of winning quite considerably. That is why we have chosen the name of Joker for our new, rather clever combination ratchet wrench”, explained Wera UK boss Ian Walford on the occasion of the fair presentation.

    But what is actually behind this ‘wrench 2.0’– and was it really necessary to reinvent this simple screwdriving tool? As Wera emphasised at the fair, the “Joker” cannot only do everything that a combination ratchet wrench needs to do, but much more. In this respect the manufacturer points to four particularly striking product advantages that offer users added value and therefore constitute decisive sales arguments for the trade. 

    Advantage 1: Holding function
    The “Joker” offers a practical holding function that allows nuts and bolts to be held in the jaw and easily positioned where they are needed. Fastening on to the thread can then be done quickly and precisely.
    After applying and positioning the nut or bolt, fastening can begin immediately – no additional tools required. No more time-wasting searches for dropped nuts and bolts!

    Advantage 2: Limit stop
    Constant re-positioning of the wrench? Difficulty holding fasteners in confined spaces? Easing off to avoid any risks of injury or fastener damage? That was yesterday.
    Today, the Joker prevents slipping off of the fastener head with its integrated limit-stop – no longer is the thumb needed to act as a depth stop. This makes things much easier, and allows significantly more force to be applied during fastening jobs.

    Advantage 3: Anti-slip effect
    The Joker’s clever double-hex geometry delivers a very positive connection with nuts or bolts – it’s a perfect fit. And the exchangeable, hardened metal gripping plate in the Joker’s mouth literally bites itself into the bolt with its extremely hard tips.  Both features combine to prevent any unpleasant slipping, even at higher torque.

    Advantage 4: Very small return travel angle
    Where conventional wrenches with a 60° return travel angle have to be turned over and over to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts in confined spaces, the “Joker” now offers a 30° return travel angle with a double-hex design. Along with the Joker’s straight neck, this means that flipping the wrench has become a thing of the past. With the Joker, you can now loosen and tighten nuts and bolts, in situations where conventional tools fail, particularly in confined spaces where conventional open-jawed wrenches fail.    

    The ratchet mechanism at the ring end of the “Joker” has a fine toothing design with 80 teeth, enabling screwdriving even when the space is very confined. 

    All in all, the new combination ratchet wrench can solve screwdriving tasks in almost any conceivable situation rapidly and with great precision. And the user also has good cards in terms of the service life. A special forged geometry in combination with high performance chrome molybdenum steel and a nickel-chrome coating ensure high resistance to wear and dependable corrosion protection. 

    Every “Joker” can be immediately recognised even at a distance thanks to its distinctive aesthetic product design and specifically created logo, which is reminiscent of a winking “smiley”. “Because it functions so much better than conventional wrenches, the “Joker” will become the new favourite wrench among users”, says the convinced Wera UK Managing Director.
    During the important launch phase Wera will promote the new combination ratchet wrench heavily, to enable potential users to quickly become familiar with it and ensure they recognise it in-store.

    The “Joker” by Wera is available in the conventional wrench dimensions 10, 13, 17 and 19 mm individually or as a set in a folding velcro pouch. The individual packing units are equipped with a “try me” function which allows the “Joker” to be tested on a bolt head out of plastic material.

    Further information:
    Wera Tools UK Ltd
    Units 1-2 McGregors Way, Turnoaks Bus. Park, Chesterfield, S40 2WB
    Telephone: 01246 277756, Fax: 01246 273335
    Email: queries@wera-tools.co.uk, Internet: www.wera-tools.co.uk