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    Press release no. 3/2013 from 05/23/2013

    01_Wera_Knipex_VDE Set

    Kraftform Kompakt VDE iS + Knipex VDE installation pliers:


    Ingenious: The new VDE set by Wera and Knipex makes work for the electrical professionals significantly easier, but is only available in a limited edition.

    Compact tool set for work on live wiring

    Wera and Knipex with practice-oriented tool solution / 15 tools in a compact belt pouch / VDE tools for work on live wiring / Limited edition

    Wuppertal. The time of unnecessary ballast is over: it is now absolutely clear that no electrical professional can get by without screwdriving tools and pliers. But why should two large-volume pouches be required for this? This is no longer necessary because Wera and Knipex, the leading specialists for innovative screwdriving tools and pliers, have bundled their expertise and created a new compact set for VDE applications.

    Customised content: a Kraftform Kompakt belt pouch by Wera serves as the basis for this extraordinary tool combination. It is equipped with one pair of Knipex VDE electrical installation pliers as well as 14 Wera screwdriving tools. This combination in a compact format makes work on electrical equipment much easier since all important tools are immediately to hand.    

    Leaves nothing to be desired: the Knipex installation pliers really are a multi-talent. They combine 6 different functions in one – grasping, bending, deburring, cable cutting, insulation stripping and the crimping of ferrules. This means that the multifunction pliers will win any kind of versatility test. 

    Have a firm grip on things: the smooth grasping surfaces at the tip of the pliers means that single wires can be reliably grasped in a safe and damage-free way. Even flat and round material can be conveniently grasped thanks to the profiled grasping surfaces including the burner hole.

    Flexible and precise: the distinct outer edge of the jaws makes it child’s play to work on flush-mounted sockets and to deburr feed-through holes.   The slim design means that the installation pliers will not let the user down even in confined working spaces. The intelligently screwed joint ensures smooth precise movement without any play.

    VDE ‘compact wonder’ saves time and space: besides the Knipex electrical installation pliers, the professional user also gets the Wera Kraftform-Kompakt set with 14 VDE blades including a Kraftform holder. This means that 14 different screw profiles can be simply and reliably fastened and unfastened. There is no need for the bothersome task of searching for the right screwdriver from the tool bag. Carrying 14 different screwdrivers is something from the past. That is a considerable step forward for every screwdriving professional, particularly since the job is completed much more quickly.

    Safety in a compact format: the clever, sophisticated handle/interchangeable blade system by Wera provides for rapid blade exchange without the need for special auxiliary tools. Further, 12 blades also have a reduced blade diameter and an integrated insulation protection. This means that sunken elements can be easily accessed and the annoying fraying of the insulation can be avoided. All blades are equipped with a Black Point tip to allow for a consistently perfect fit.

    React quickly: according to the Wuppertal-manufacturer, this practical set is only available in a special limited edition. 


    Further information: 
    Wera Werk Hermann Werner GmbH & Co. KG
    Korzerter Straße 21-25, 42349 Wuppertal - Germany
    Telefon: +49 (0)2 02 / 40 45 311, Fax: 40 36 34
    E-Mail: info@wera.de, Internet: www.wera.de


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    Fax: +49 (0)2 02 / 40 36 34
    E-Mail: info@wera.de

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