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    Press release no. 5/2012 from 03/04/2012

    The “Big Pack 300 includes general purpose Phillips, Pozidriv, TORX® and slotted screwdrivers in various dimensions.

    New “Big Packs” from Wera - each with 14 screwdrivers covering every application


    Wera Kraftform Big Pack Series 100 VDE
    The “Big Pack 160i” comprises Phillips, Pozidriv, TORX®, slotted and PlusMinus profile VDE screwdrivers, as well as an “extra slim” screwdriver with a greatly reduced blade diameter for recessed screws.

    Wera at the International Hardware Fair 2012
    New “Big Packs” from Wera - each with 14 screwdrivers covering every application

    General Purpose or VDE screwdrivers with various profiles and dimensions and storage rack / “Kraftform” handles for ergonomic, safe working / “Lasertip” tips prevent any slipping of the tool out of the screw head /

    Cologne / Wuppertal. Sometimes, it really is a question of size. The Wuppertal-based screwdriving specialist Wera Tools has put together two particularly large screwdriver sets for the Hardware Fair 2012 in Cologne. The new “Wera Big Packs” contain all the screwdrivers a professional would normally need, leaving them optimally equipped for almost any application.

    There are two different “Wera Big Packs”. They each contain 14 screwdrivers and two wall-mountable storage racks where the tools can be neatly displayed. The version “Big Pack 300” includes Series 300 General Purpose screwdrivers with the profiles Phillips, Pozidriv, TORX® and slotted in various dimensions. The “Big Pack 160i” comprises individually tested insulated VDE screwdrivers with the profiles Phillips, Pozidriv, TORX®, slotted and PlusMinus. Additionally, a new “extra slim” screwdriver with greatly reduced blade diameter is also included. This screwdriver features integrated protective insulation so that even recessed screws can be easily reached - ideal for sprung cage terminal blocks and RCBO’s

    All screwdrivers boast the proven “Kraftform” design handle for ergonomic, safe working. The design, which fits perfectly into the hand, prevents any undue strains and injuries; and a useful anti-roll feature is integrated into the handle. A distinct marking on the handle allows for rapid selection of the appropriate screwdriver without any need to inspect the blade.  

    The Phillips, Pozidriv and slotted tools are additionally provided with anti-cam out “Lasertip” tips. This prevents the annoying slipping of the screwdriving tool out of the head of the screw, making screwdriving jobs simpler and faster.  

    Further information:
    Wera Tools UK Ltd
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    Telephone: 01246 277756, Fax: 01246 273335
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