Press release no. 2/2013 from 04/23/2013

Full house with ;Joker open-end wrenches


The range of ;Joker ratcheting combination wrenches by Wera has now been significantly extended.
The coveted multi-talent ;Joker range now comprises 11 metric and 8 imperial dimensions.
A new range display with a basic assortment that can be easily affixed to the wall is available at a special price – as long as stocks last.

Some more winners in the pouch

The range of ;Joker open-end wrenches significantly extended / Now 11 metric and 8 imperial dimensions / Empty ;Joker pouches that can be equipped individually / Practical fully equipped assortment display / Multi-talent among the open-end wrenches with four practical advantages

Wuppertal. The game goes on: the ;Joker among the open-end wrenches has now got company in the form of a significant extension of the range.  Although – as the manufacturer says – it has got everything that a good open-end wrench must have and a whole lot more, some dimensions have so far been missing in order to complete the full house.  

Full house in one’s own hand: the users were already enthralled shortly after the launch of the ;Joker. So the Wuppertal-based tool manufacturer decided to go all-in for 2013 and has significantly extended the range of dimensions of its ratcheting combination wrenches. This means that in the future the user will now have even more jokers in the hand since many new sizes are being launched on to the market in both metric as well as imperial dimensions. These products can be procured either individually or in practical sets (see info box). Even empty set pouches are available that can be equipped individually.   

;Joker selection made easy: a practical display is among the innovations to provide a more distinctive and clearly arranged overview of the full range. This display can be simply affixed to shelf walls and is available for a short period at a favourable special price. This means that the trade will also have the suitable ;Joker on hand at all times. 

Win the pot with the ;Joker: the multi-talent among the open-end wrenches  offers four distinct advantages that assist in winning the pot. On the one hand it is the holding function that enables the nut and bolt to be applied without the need for any additional tools and where any falling out from the open-end section is effectively prevented. In this way the thread can be quickly and precisely addressed. On the other hand the ;Joker has a limit stop that prevents any downwards slipping of the wrench from the head of the bolt. That does not only make screwdriving simpler, but allows far more power to be applied.    

Further, the ;Joker demonstrates that it really can “bite” with its exchangeable, hardened metal plate that does not let go of the nut or bolt.  The special toothing in association with the double-hex geometry creates a form-fitting connection with the nut and this effectively prevents any slipping during high torque applications.    

And last but not least, another advantage of the ratcheting combination wrench is the particularly small return angle of only 30 degrees that allows applications even in very confined spaces. Together with its straight head, the ;Joker makes it unnecessary for the wrench to be turned.


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Info box

The ;Joker range – an overview:

Metric dimension:
8 bis 19

Also available in sets of 4 (10,13,17,19), of 8 (8,10,11,12,14,15,16,18)
and of 11 open-end wrenches (all metric dimensions)

Imperial dimensions:
Also available in sets of 4 (7/16“,1/2“,9/16“,3/4“)
and of 8 open-end wrenches (all imperial dimensions) 


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