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    Press release no. 1/2011 from 05/27/2011

    Bits and Bit Holder: New “Impaktor” System by Wera


    Impaktor Bit-Check
    The “Impaktor” System by Wera has a “TriTorsion” design with – as the name suggests – three torsion zones in all: one is to be found in the bit itself and the other two in the holder. The zone in the bit and the middle zone in the holder react in the case of normal loads. All three zones react automatically whenever extreme loads prevail.
    Impaktor Torsion
    The new “Impaktor” System by Wera consists of bits and bit holders and is optimally designed to meet the demands set by high-performance impact drivers. The System has a lifetime that is as much as ten times longer when compared to standard or torsion bits.

    Wuppertal. So-called impact drivers have established themselves in industry, the trade and among ambitioned do-it-yourselfers whenever professional
    screw connections are required. They can be used for many different applications and allow jobs to be accomplished more quickly and conveniently
    because the screw is tightened with continual rotary strokes in the direction of rotation. This means that screwdriving is simpler than when a permanent torque is applied.
    However, these appliances place great demands on the accessories required. Their high performance and the permanently-occurring peak torque loads exceed the physical limitations of many bits and bit holders. This results in above-average wear. Against this background, the Wuppertal-based
    specialist for screwdriving tools, Wera Werk Hermann Werner GmbH & Co. KG, has developed the new “Impaktor” System which, depending on the drive profile,
    has a lifetime that is as much as ten times longer when compared with standard or torsion bits.

    The basis for this was created in the manufacturing process with a best-possible utilisation of the material properties, through an individual hardening
    technology and with optimally-matched geometries for the screwdriving tools. In this way the “Impaktor” bits have been carefully designed for each drive
    profile and thereby precisely fit to the individual screwdriving job. Further, they are equipped with a torsion zone. The “TriTorsion” system is created
    when combined with the “Impaktor” bit holder, which has two additional torsion zones. Depending upon the strength of the peak loads that occur, either two
    or three of the differently-dimensioned zones react automatically, thereby allowing an optimal solution for the screwdriving job at hand.
    Additionally, the special design of the holder means that the relief angle available to cushion the peak torque loads is double that of Wera’s “BiTorsion” holder.
    It means that this screwdriving tool system can absorb more kinetic energy and conduct it away from the tip of the bit, thus enabling longer bit lifetimes even
    under extreme screwdriving conditions.

    Normally, a high contact pressure is necessary when working with impact drivers so as to prevent the tool from slipping out of the screw recess. The diamond particles that are applied to the tip of the “Impaktor” bits greatly reduce the so-called “cam-out forces” that lead to a slipping out of the screw head. The diamond particles literally “bite” themselves firmly into the screw and in this way reduce the degree of contact pressure necessary. This consequently delays the onset of fatigue for the user when using power tools for screwdriving jobs over a longer period.
    The “Impaktor” holder, too, is precisely designed to meet the demands presented by powerful impact drivers. This is the reason why no over-susceptible materials have been used in its design in order to achieve a long lifetime for the holder. The holder is equipped with a ring magnet for manual power tool operations, a feature that holds even long and heavy screws most securely. The “Impaktor” stainless holder with retaining ring and magnet is available for industrial screwdriving applications e.g. with robots.
    The “Impaktor” bits and holder can also be used individually. The best results, however, are achieved with the combination of both these tools that are optimally matched to one another.

    Further information:
    Wera Werk Hermann Werner GmbH & Co. KG
    Korzerter Straße 21-25, D-42349 Wuppertal
    Tel.: +49 (0)2 02 / 40 45 311, Fax: 40 36 34
    Email: info@wera.de, Internet: www.wera.de