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    Press release no. 2/2012 from 03/04/2012

    The new “VDE Kraftform Kompakt blades” are available in a versatile kit “Kraftform Kompakt 60iS/65iS/67iS/16”. It contains 14 interchangeable blades with the profiles Phillips, Pozidriv, TORX®, slotted and PlusMinus invarious dimensions, a voltage tester as well as a “Kraftform VDE” handle and rugged belt pouch.

    New “Extra Slim” Kraftform Kompakt VDE blades for electrical applications


    Wera at the International Hardware Fair 2012
    New “Extra Slim” Kraftform Kompakt VDE blades for electrical applications

    Screwdrivers with conventional insulated profiles often cannot be used in
    electrical installations / Extra slim “VDE Kompakt blades” can access
    recessed screws in electrical components / Belt pouch with
    15 interchangeable blades and a “Kraftform-VDE” handle / Safety thanks to
    individual test of the blades at 10,000 volts /

    Cologne / Wuppertal. “Kraftform Kompakt VDE” is one of the most
    popular Wera Tools ranges, offering unbeatable versatility, customisation
    and portability for electricians. This range has now been perfectly rounded
    off with the launch of the new “Kraftform Kompakt VDE Extra Slim”
    interchangeable blades at the International Hardware Fair 2012.
    In screwdriving applications with electrical equipment, VDE screwdrivers
    often have their use restricted by the diameter of the insulated blade. For
    example, for recessed screws found in sprung cage terminal blocks and
    RCBO’s, the blade has to be inserted deep into the terminals to reach the
    screw or spring element – impossible with traditional VDE screwdrivers.
    With this in mind, Wera recently launched a range of “Ultra Slim” VDE
    screwdrivers, designed exactly for this type of application. The product an
    overnight success, and so now Wera have also announced the addition of
    the “Ultra Slim” interchangeable blades to the “Kraftform Kompakt VDE”
    These new blades feature a greatly reduced blade diameter when
    compared with conventional VDE screwdrivers, allowing recessed screws
    in electrical components to be easily and safely reached.
    Despite their slender design, they are very robust and boast a long service
    life. The protective insulation is integrated into the blade and is practically
    wear-free, so frayed insulations become a thing of the past.
    The “Kraftform Kompakt VDE extra slim” is available from the trade in a
    practical user set. A rugged belt pouch contains 14 interchangeable blades
    with the profiles Phillips, Pozidriv, TORX®, slotted and PlusMinus in various
    dimensions, a voltage tester, and a “Kraftform VDE” handle with hexagon
    chuck for connection to the blades. The insulated interchangeable blades
    are easily and rapidly inserted into the handle, and permanently locked
    until released – preventing any unintentional removal.
    The insulated interchangeable blades by Wera fulfil all the safety
    requirements specified in German and international standards (DIN EN
    60900 or IEC 60900:2004), being individually tested at 10,000 volts. This
    ten-time higher testing load ensures safe working at the maximum
    permissible voltage of 1,000 volts.

    Further information:
    Wera Tools UK Ltd
    Units 1-2 McGregors Way, Turnoaks Bus. Park, Chesterfield, S40 2WB
    Telephone: 01246 277756, Fax: 01246 273335
    Email: queries@wera-tools.co.uk, Internet: www.wera-tools.co.uk