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    Press release no. 4/2013 from 07/04/2013

    The new 1460 Micro ESD by Wera now even allows Micro screws to be tightened with torque control.
    The new 1460 Micro ESD by Wera now even allows Micro screws to be tightened with torque control.

    1460 Micro ESD


    Smartphone manufacturers recommend a torque of 3.5 Ncm. When this value is reached, a distinct “click” can be heard and felt that warns against any over-tightening.
    The ESD function pursuant to the latest standards protects electrostatically endangered components or appliances and ensures safe working at all times.

    Sophisticated tool for smart minds

    Wuppertal-based tool manufacturer launches an interesting innovation on the screwdriving market / Complete torque control for precision applications / ESD function for work on electrostatically endangered components / Multi-zone handle for precise work and optimum power transfer

    Wuppertal. Whether you are a professional or an amateur: in the case of work on electrical appliances or components, a tool is quickly picked up and used for tightening or loosening screws on the PC or camera.  

    But be careful: particularly micro-screws that are often found for example in smart phones, can – if stressed in a careless manner – be easily over-tightened. This can damage the entire expensive appliance and render it useless.   

    Now that’s over with!: that is what the Wuppertal-based tool manufacturer Wera thought and launched the 1460 Micro ESD, a sophisticated tool for precision applications. This special screwdriver allows even the smallest screws to be tightened with torque control, without them being too tightly or loosely tightened subsequently. The selected pre-setting of 3.5 Newton centimetres (Ncm) is the one recommended by leading smartphone manufacturers.

    How it functions: when the torque value of 3.5 Ncm is reached, the user hears and feels a distinct “click”, which warns against any over-tightening. There is no torque control in the other direction since here it was intentional that there should be fitted restriction, thus enabling even jammed screws to be easily loosened. 

    Doubly secured: the screwdriver does not only protect the micro-screws with its intelligent torque control mechanism, but also the entire appliance since Wera has provided the 1460 Micro with an additional ESD function in accordance with the latest standards, thus optimising the tool for work on electrostatically endangered components. The new tool can take-up bits frequently used in the electronics sector: 4 mm halfmoon drive (Wera Bit Series 9) or HIOS drive (Wera Bit Series 21). The exchange of the blade takes only a matter of seconds.

    Smart zones: the proven Kraftform Micro handle with multi-zone function is also a clever idea. The rotating cap and the fast-turning zone enable rapid twisting. Soft zones have been intentionally integrated in the power zone to enable higher loosening and tightening torque levels to be applied. The precision zone is located just above the blade for the right rotation angle during fine adjustment work.

    Other values: a modification of the pre-set torque value is possible within a range of 2-8 Ncm after consciously removing the non-tamper mechanism.   It is important to check the newly set value subsequently with a torque tester. However, this task should only be carried out by expert or trained users. That is why there is no scale on the “smart Alec” among the Micro screwdrivers.


    Further information: 
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    Korzerter Straße 21-25, 42349 Wuppertal - Germany
    Telefon: +49 (0)2 02 / 40 45 311, Fax: 40 36 34
    E-Mail: info@wera.de, Internet: www.wera.de


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    Fax: +49 (0)2 02 / 40 36 34
    E-Mail: info@wera.de

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