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    Press release no. 1/2012 from 03/04/2012

    A super-compact Bit Ratchet is included in the 38-piece “Tool-Check”. combination kit. Its robust drop-forged full steel design enables a very high torque transfer. The thumbwheel on the head of the ratchet means that it can be operated with just a single hand.

    Optimally equipped for all screwdriving jobs with the compact “Tool-Check”


    Wera Tool-Check
    The Wera Tool-Check – with a particularly clever housing of the sockets

    Wera at the International Hardware Fair 2012
    Optimally equipped for all screwdriving jobs with the compact “Tool-Check”

    Clearly arranged and secured in a robust plastic box / Dimensions just
    15 x 8 cm / Bit Ratchet for high torque applications in very confined spaces
    / “Rapidaptor” bit holder with rapid-turn sleeve / Various bits and sockets,
    plus a socket adaptor /

    Cologne / Wuppertal. An astonishing 38 pieces are included in a new tool
    combination that was presented by the Wuppertal-based screwdriving
    specialist Wera Tools at the International Hardware Fair in Cologne.
    The particularly compact “Tool-Check” is the perfect universal companion
    for a number of screwdriving applications. The combination kit contains a
    Bit Ratchet, a “Rapidaptor” bit holder as well as a total of 28 bits, seven
    sockets and a socket adaptor. Bits and sockets can be driven with the Bit
    Ratchet; and the “Rapidaptor” also serves as an extension. Tools are
    clearly arranged and securely housed in a robust plastic box. Despite the
    wide range of equipment, the Wera “Tool-Check” measures just 15 x 8 cm.

    The tools offer the following advantages:

    • Bits for screwdriving applications suitable for both metal and wood
    • Hand and machine sockets for use in manual as well as power tool
    • applications “Rapidaptor” bit holder with rapid-turn sleeve for particularly fast bit change
    • ¼” Bit Ratchet for rapid working when screwdriving with a power tool or hand tool is not possible because the space is too limited

    Further information:
    Wera Tools UK Ltd
    Units 1-2 McGregors Way, Turnoaks Bus. Park, Chesterfield, S40 2WB
    Telephone: 01246 277756, Fax: 01246 273335
    Email: queries@wera-tools.co.uk, Internet: www.wera-tools.co.uk