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The Company

Wera is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of screwdriving tools, with its corporate headquarters in Wuppertal/Germany. Wera develops and produces tools for professional, industrial applications, and is a solution-provider for problems associated with screw connections.




Tools created from ideas

Wera fascinates users time and again with quite exceptional product ideas. In practical applications these ideas – with their often unique features – result in a truly professional screwdriving performance.



Comprehensive range

The range comprises more than 3,000 products and includes genuine problem solvers, even for very specific jobs.


Quality manufacturer

The quality just has to be right. This is assured through a manufacturing process that is continually monitored, and as a result: the number of complaints is near zero. Of course, Wera is ISO-certified.


Brand and trademark rights

Wera is a manufacturer of branded goods and a reliable partner for the industry, trade and users. Numerous trademark rights, which are resolutely asserted worldwide, protect our customers against substandard imitations. Wera products are a guarantee for safe, reliable working and unbeatable performance.


Product design

Wera tools are stylish and ergonomic, and Wera has received several awards for the design of its products. To work with Wera tools is to understand what design really means.



Comprehensive training

Wera offers extensive training opportunities in its "Werarium" across an area comprising 700 m², based at its German HQ. Products and product advantages are realistically demonstrated using well-staged, practical screwdriving situations. Of course, training sessions on the customer’s premises are also a part of the available training programme.


Reliable logistics

Our ability to deliver any product from the catalogue range is almost 100 %. We naturally supply worldwide. 


Our back-office

Our experienced back-office staff answer queries promptly and competently. Orders are accepted by EDI, E-Mail, fax or telephone.


Worldwide customer support

Wera products are sold throughout the world. Please do contact us if you would like to know the name of the representative or agent responsible for your area. 


Sophisticated concepts for our customers’ showrooms

Wera designs high impact, informative packaging and displays that make it simple for customers and users to understand and purchase Wera products.



The Wera "E-Cat" programme supports the requirements of our customers with regard to the importing of catalogue data. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.