International Partners

Would you like to become a Wera dealer? Would you like to contact one of our authorized importers or regional representatives?
You can send your query by email to info(at)

We will get back to you immediately.

Ralph Tallant
Wera Tools Inc.
Tel.: 714-225-1975
Email: ralph(at)
Orange County, Temecula, Riverside County
Bill Vierra

Intek Marketing Group
Tel.: 949-306-6119
Email: bill(at)
Northern California
Joe Chrzan

J J Brown Company
Tel.: 510-414-6689
Email: joec(at)
Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Fernando Valley
Walter Harris

J J Brown Company
Tel.: 310-880-7905
Email: walterharris(at)
Orange County, San Diego County, San Bernadino County
Matt Pahmeier

J J Brown Company
Tel.: 714-325-8361
Email: Matt(at)
Northern California, Northern Nevada
Jerry Karp

Intek Marketing Group
Tel.: 408-888-2323
Email: jerry(at)
Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Southern Nevada
Norm Wenzler

Intek Marketing Group
Tel.: 818-679-5342
Email: norm(at)
Cathy Lewis (Office Manager)

J J Brown Company
Tel.: 480-892-6476
Email: office(at)
San Diego, Temecula County, Baja California
Jose Fino

Tel.: 619-656-5998
Email: joseandresfino(at)