Easily inserted and self-locking bits. No extra tools needed to remove bits. Even small sizes can be changed easily. Free-spinning outer sleeve stabilises the electric screwdriver during fastening. Fits all 1/4"" bits made according to DIN ISO 1173 C 6,3 und E 6,3. One-hand use.

Rapidaptor with ring magnet
The additional ring magnet holds even long and heavy screws securely. A secure connection between screw and holder. No need to waste time looking for lost screws. Ideal for overhead work.

Rapid-in & Self-Lock


Free-spinning outer sleeve to

stabilise the screwdriver

For bits according to

DIN 3126-C 6,3 & E 6,3

One-hand use

Also available with ring magnet to

hold long and heavy screws

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