System Impaktor

We were not too happy that disintegrating bits flew around users faces as screwdriving with power tools took place with ever-higher power outputs. We scrutinised the geometry and material properties of the bits for every screw profile. We analysed the destroyed bits, holders and screws in detail. The result is the Impaktor system – our entire know-how from bit manufacturing combined in our very best bit series.

Superior service life

Maximum utilisation of the material properties, a very special geometry – designed particularly to meet the extreme demands – as well a specific manufacturing process mean that Wera Impaktor tools have an above average service life.

Particularly high strength

Reduces the danger of premature bit breakage

Diamond coating

The diamond particles reduce the cam-out effects – particularly high in power tool applications – which can lead to a slipping out of the screw head. The diamond particles literally bite themselves into the screw recess. This means that less contact pressure is required, something that greatly delays fatigue setting-in in power tool screwdriving jobs.

Impaktor holder technology

The Impaktor holder technology ensures an above-average service life even under extreme conditions thanks to a best-possible utilisation of the material properties and optimally designed geometry (two coupled torsion zones that perform successively).

Impaktor stainless steel holder

The Impaktor stainless steel holder with a retaining ring and magnet satisfies the extreme, dynamic requirements in that there are consciously no small mechanical component parts fitted as they would be more susceptible to failure. It focuses on the basic bit holding function and the cushioning of the extreme impulse peaks with its two different torsion zones. Mainly used in industrial screw assembly applications e.g. with screwdriving.

Impaktor holder with ringmagnet

The Impaktor holder with ringmagnet additionally holds longer and heavier screws absolutely securely. This enables a speedy and dependable positioning of the screw. It is also ideal for above-head work. Should the magnet function not be required in a particular situation e.g. when working with metal, it can be extracted from the screwdriving area and can thereby be “disabled”. Mainly used in manual power tool applications.


The combination of the double torsion zones in the Impaktor holder and the torsion zone in the Impaktor bit result in the so-called TriTorsion system.

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